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The Elements of a Good Speech

Every president uses a speech writer. So do lots of other famous people. And so do just regular people who struggle with writing a speech – business/career professionals and students. Since most people do not have a personal speech writer, using a speech writing service makes sense. The key, of course, is in finding one that will provide exceptional speech writing help.

Like an essay, a speech has a topic and a purpose. And it has two objectives – to make a couple of important points and to be impressive. Here are the elements of a good speech

  1. It is memorable. We’ve all listened to speeches that put us to sleep; and we’ve listened to speeches that we remember well. The difference is not in what is said but how it is said. The good speech “couches” the major point(s) in phrases that people will remember. Consider these examples: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself;” “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Of course, these two presidents each had a great speech writer, and being memorable is easier said than done. This is why many seek outside help with speech writing.
  2. It has a solid structure. Nothing is worse than a speaker who rambles and gets off track. The audience cannot follow along and simply tunes him/her out (amidst several yawns). A good speech has been outlined carefully, and practiced carefully. And, somewhere close to the beginning of the speech, the speaker tells the audience exactly where they are going.
  3. It has a killer opening. This is no different than writing an essay. Your first words will either capture your audience or lull them into low expectations. Begin with shocking statistics, a humorous anecdote, a poignant story – something that will make them sit up and take notice.
  4. Know thy audience. What is the demographic? A speech given to a room full of scientific researchers on a new breakthrough will be quite different than a speech given to a group of high school graduates. What does the audience want to hear? What have they come here to learn? And how can your tone, vocabulary, and demeanor support this? Given that most speakers are not scientific researchers, the tone and style, as well as what is said, should leave the audience feeling good about you and what you have had to say. Good speech writing services, if you choose to use one will always ask for lots of detail about your audience before beginning to craft that piece.
  5. Be real. If you can personalize the message in some way do so. Provide an example that involves you or a family member. And lose the stiffness of a formal vocabulary and tone. Speak to your audience as if they were friends. You gain credibility when you come across as genuine.
  6. Repeat the Key Points. Don’t worry that they will tire of the repetition. What you want them to leave with is those key points imprinted in their memories. Find different ways to do that repetition, but do it.
  7. Be a bit of an actor. It doesn’t mean you have to be a star. It does mean that you can use props. One speaker, who was addressing an audience about leadership and all of the responsibilities and activities of a good leader, used hats to illustrate his transitions and his points – it was simple but wonderfully effective.
  8. End powerfully. If you can end with a story, a strong call to action, or a compelling example of your main point(s), the audience will leave with that stuck in their heads. Your purpose has been achieved. 

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Shelia USA, New Jersey, New Providence

Speech, 6 days, Freshman

March 11, 2019

Professional approach is a must in speechwriting. They gathered all the information about the audience, topic, and structure. It was even a bit annoying to answer all these questions but then, it t...

Luke UK, Lane Head

Speech, 12 hours, Master

December 06, 2018

ClassyEssay did half of the work for me. They wrote a splendid text that I turned into a speech later. Really quality work.

David Henderson, AZ, US

Graduation speech

April 15, 2017

I was looking for help writing a speech for graduation. Classy Essay did it for me. The writer carefully listened to my demands and implied them in life with a single button click. Great!

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A Lot to Chew On

If you are facing a speech, whether for a class, for a social gathering, or for a meeting/business gathering, you may be feeling intimidated. There’s a lot to planning and executing a speech. What you should know is that you can buy a speech – one that is customized, unique, and fully engaging – from the expert speech writers at Classy Essay.

As soon as someone places an order and says, “Write a speech for me,” we begin to ask a lot of questions. What is the venue? Who is the audience? What specific topic and points are to be made? We need all of this information so that we can assign the perfect speech writer to the project. Your speech writer will also ask for some personal information – the speech must be genuine, after all.

We do not take speech writing lightly. Let’s say you need to buy persuasive speech writing on an issue of controversy. Not only will you get a great speech writer, but that pro will do the research to find the data and support for your position.

Just say, “Write my speech for me,” and enjoy all of the benefits:

  • A creative and experiences speech writer, personally assigned to your order
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Affordable pricing
  • Draft upon draft for you to review until you are satisfied
  • A final product that is guaranteed to be a success.


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