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Dissertation Help on Your Terms

There is a reason why almost 50% of students who complete all of their Ph.D. coursework do not end up with that piece of parchment - they never finish their dissertations. Yes, writing a dissertation may be one of the toughest things thus far in their lives, but if they had made the decision to get dissertation writing services from a reputable agency, they would have had the professional help they needed to get this project completed. Don’t let this be you. Classy Essay can provide the expert dissertation services to get you through this. We are not a cheap buy dissertation online company. We are a service that provides each student a Ph.D. consultant in their research field who will offer as much help as that student needs.

Wherever you are in the process is where our help will begin. We have spent a lot of time lining up Ph.D. consultants in all research fields. Many are retired professors; others come straight from business and career positions. What they all share is a passion for their fields as well as the desire to help doctoral candidates complete those dissertations and join those fields themselves.

We know that students will be in various stages of their dissertation work, and that is exactly where we will begin. You are in control of the entire process and of the level of dissertation help you need. At each stage of dissertation production, you will have the same Ph.D. consultant working with you.

The Research Question

This is where it all begins. You may have your general topic area and may have conducted some initial research to narrow down a field of interest. You now have to develop a research question that is scholarly and that will be approved by your advisor/committee. Your consultant can provide such assistance, crafting a research question that will meet expectations.

The Dissertation Proposal

This is the point at which many students hit their first “snag.” Dissertation committees can be pretty picky, and if that proposal does not meet their expectations, you are back revising it – sometimes more than once. Fortunately, if you have a professional consultant from Classy Essay, you have someone who has written many proposals before and who knows exactly what must be included, based upon your department guidelines. With his/her help, you can get that proposal approved.


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A personal approach is guaranteed for every customer. We make sure that all of the guidelines are kept and you get what you ordered.

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Gakuya Canada, Ontario

Dissertation, 2 months, Doctoral

June 17, 2019

I ordered a dissertation service here and especially liked the communication with the writer, works convenient for me. The cost is fine and if you don't like the writer, you can ask for another eas...

Macek USA, Washington, Seattle

Dissertation, 30 days, Associate's

July 27, 2018

Their dissertation services are above standard. They did mine casually as if it was a random high school essay and it came out awesome! That's what true professionals look like:)

Bernard Wausau, WI, US

Business approach with thesis writing

April 15, 2017

I failed writing my dissertation in two months thus I decided to order it online. Fast reply was given to me and every aspect of -partnership was discussed before my very first payment. Moreover, I...

Ben Arlington, TX, US

Free features I get

April 02, 2017

I don`t know the best dissertation service but ClassyEssay.com is surely the one I will use forward. My thesis conclusions were awesome. The additional great feature was free editing and formatting...

Vernon Casper, WY, US

Excellent work!

March 29, 2017

My dissertation was written meeting the established terms and conditions. The thesis was found, summary and bibliography were in the paper too. Final price with a discount satisfied me. I have noth...

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Chapter by Chapter

The Literature Review: Most dissertation writers begin with this chapter, reserving the Introduction for last – probably a smart idea. The literature review is probably the most unpopular chapter, because it requires a lot of research and “dead ends.” Whether you are replicating the research of others, adding something new, etc., you still have to provide a strong summary of all of the pertinent research that has gone before you. Locating that research and carefully selecting those studies that are the most relevant takes time and work. If, however, you have the help of an expert in the research field, you can have that research quickly located, and, if you want, written up in a great lit review chapter.

The Methodology: You outlined your research design and methodology in your proposal. Now it is time to fully implement that activity – to refine the instruments you will use, to set up your actual research, and to implement it. You obviously understand that no dissertation writing service can actually conduct the research for you, although many would have you believe they can. This is preposterous. You have an advisor and a committee – they expect that research to be conducted locally – you cannot fake this.

What your Classy Essay consultant will do is help you develop your instruments or justify the pre-existing instruments you will be using; s/he will help with writing the methodology and the justification for it; s/he will take your raw data from the research and craft a graphical and prose presentation that will satisfy even the most critical of your committee members.

The Analysis and Discussion: This will be the real “meat” of your dissertation. You must perform the statistical analysis of your results and demonstrate that you have answered your research question/hypothesis and that your results have significance for your research field. Help with dissertation statistical analysis is not a problem for your consultant. You can ship your data over to him/her for the “number crunching” as well as the graphical and prose presentations.

The Conclusion: Your conclusion must have very specific sections, and you must be certain to include any constraints of your research and how future researchers can build upon what you have done. This can be a difficult chapter to organize, but with the right dissertation service, you will have the assistance you need.

Back to the Introduction: Once the entire work is complete, you will be ready to write that introduction. It should present your research question, and provide a brief prelude for the reader of what is to come in the following chapters. You want to engage but not give away too much.

The Abstract: This will be the final piece – a one-page summary of your project that will give future researchers enough detail for them to determine if your project relates to their proposed research. It’s tough to reduce this volume of work to one page. Your consultant has done this before.

Doctoral Candidates Cannot Just Buy Dissertations

Any writing service that purports to be able to produce an entire dissertation for you, including the methodology, is a fraud. You know that you have to conduct the research; you know that you have to meet with your advisor and our committee. There are just some tasks that cannot be assumed by others. What you want to buy is expert and scholarly assistance, and that is exactly what Classy Essay offers.

Pricing and Other Concerns

We work with all of our dissertation clients to bring prices down as much as possible, with reasonable plans and discounts. What’s more, we have progressive payment plans, so that customers pay for portions of help as it is completed.

Another major concern for students is confidentiality. We protect our clients’ identity at all costs – no one will ever know that you have used our dissertation services.

We also guarantee originality of all content and the meeting of your deadline requirements.

Get the Right Help

That dissertation is lurking – it is standing between you and that degree. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about your individual needs. We have a consultant ready to work with you.


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