Terms of Use

The information contained on this page is very important. It details your rights and responsibilities when it comes to using our website or ordering products and services from us. It also outlines the policies we have created in order to ensure that we conduct business in a fair and ethical manner. These terms of use apply to all website visitors, vendors, contractors, and paying customers.

Use of Our Services

By visiting our website or conducting business with us in any form, you affirm that you are doing so legally. You also affirm that any products or services you order from us will be used fully within the bounds of the law. If you provide us with documents or other materials, you guarantee that you have legal rights to access those materials and distribute them to us.

Your Completed Documents

When you receive your completed documents you gain complete ownership of them. You may use them for academic purposes, research purposes, in the pursuit of employment, and for business purposes. However,  you are expressly forbidden from selling your documents to anyone individual or organization.


We keep your relationship with ClassyEssay.com completely confidential. However, we cannot control what clients and visitors reveal to others about their relationship with our company. Should you choose to disclose your business relationship with us, we are not responsible for any negative consequences of that.

Other Business Entities

We conduct business with a variety of individuals and organizations. We also link to various external websites in our content. We may also allow other businesses to advertise their services on our website.

None of these things should be taken as our endorsement or partnership with any other company. Classy Essay is an independent business. Further, any relationship that our clients and visitors form with other entities is not within our control, and we accept no liability that may arise from that.


We guarantee that every document that we provide to customers is completely original and that it will never be provided to anyone else in the future. It is our policy to delete all papers from our system once the time to request revisions has passed. The exception to this is resumes and CV. These are only deleted at the request of the client. This is so we always have an original available should the customer need it to be updated.

Social Responsibility

We believe that every business has the responsibility of being a good citizen of their community, region, and the world at large. Our social responsibility statement outlines what we do to work towards these goals.

Environmental Stewardship

We take steps to ensure that our offices are energy efficient as possible and that we produce minimal waste. We encourage our clients to go paperless whenever possible, even when submitting documents to us.

Protection of Vulnerable Youth

There are several local, national, and international laws and statutes in place to protect youth who are using the internet. To that end, we only conduct business with people who are legally adults, or those who are over thirteen and have consent from a parent or guardian. We will never engage in any business or other transactions with anyone under the age of thirteen.

Fair Wage And Hours

Every employee who works for ClassyEssay.com is paid a living wage. We also have policies in place to ensure that no employee is ever asked to work an unreasonable number of hours. We follow all applicable laws that relate to compensation. All freelancers and independent contractors are compensated fairly as well.

Ethical Standards

Our intention is to provide academic and other writing services as a way to help our clients reach their goals relating to school, work, and business. However, this intention stops where the greater good might be negatively impacted. Specifically, our services are not intended to help someone fraudulently obtain a degree, earn a job under false pretenses, or mislead consumers.

We will not conduct business with anyone if we believe they are using our services unethically. We are particularly vigilant in applying this policy when it comes to matters of finance, law, and healthcare.

Use of Content From ClassyEssay.com

Any content on our website, social media, marketing materials, etc., are the property of ClassyEssay.com  unless we specify otherwise. We expressly forbid anyone to distribute this information or claim it as their own without our consent.

This does not include liking or sharing content via social media as long as proper credit is given.

Your Intellectual Property

Any content that you submit when you place an order remains your property. We will not use it for any other purpose than completing your order. However, any content that you submit that is available to others becomes our property. This includes reviews and testimonials.

Use of Our Website

We strongly forbid anyone from using our website to break laws, harass, or stalk anyone. By using our website in any way, visitors guarantee that they will make no attempts to cause harm to our website, access files to which they are not authorized, or threaten or abuse our employees.

Policy Changes

This policy may change at any time for any reason. All visitors and customers are responsible for understanding these terms of use.