Our disclaimers page is created to add clarity and detail to the policies on our website where we determine such is needed. This page is also where we outline policies that do not fit neatly into our other policy pages.

Questions or Comments

We are happy to answer any questions about these or any of our other policies. Please contact customer service if you should need assistance. They will also be happy to take any comments or suggestions and forward those to the right person. You will receive a response as soon as possible.

Changes to These Policies

We reserve the right to change the policies on this page or any of our other policy pages without prior notice. A reasonable attempt will be made to inform visitors of this change. However, we cannot guarantee that information will reach all who are impacted by it. Because of this, we recommend reading this page frequently to determine whether or not there are any changes.

Your Contact Information

Our ability to contact you depends upon the information that you provide to us being correct and up to date. If you move, change your name, switch email providers, or get a new phone please take a few minutes to update your contact information. If you are unsure about how to do that, our customer support staff is always happy to help. If you fail to keep your contact information current, we are not responsible for any negative results.

The Order Form

The order form requires the user to input quite a bit of information. This includes the type of service required, deadline, grade level, citation format, instructions, etc. It is vital that customers be very thorough when filling out their order form. The more detailed the instructions, the better able the writer is to produce a satisfactory final product.

A special note for students: please do not inflate your grade level when ordering your paper. It will not result in a product that will earn a high mark/grade. Instead, your paper will likely look as if it is not something a person at your academic level could write. This could result in an accusation of academic dishonesty.

Order Cancellation

Customers may cancel orders at any time for any reason. Our money back policy outlines the various situations in which the canceled order may qualify for a refund or credit and the situations in which it does not.

Customer Accounts

All customers will create a customer account before placing their first order. This account gives them access to our customer portal. The portal is where customers can check on the status of their orders, send and receive messages with their writer, upload resources, and review and download completed work. Customers are responsible using an adequate password to protect their account, and for checking the customer portal for requests or questions. The portal is the only means writers have for communicating with clients.

Making Payments

All payments are due at the time the order is placed. Should a customer order additional products and services while work is in progress, payment must be made before work continues. We accept a wide range of payment instruments. These include PayPal, debit or credit card, and money transfer. Customers seeking to make alternative payments must communicate those needs to our customer service department.

Occasionally a bank or other financial institution will require additional verification. When this happens we will contact the client immediately to let them know what steps to take.

Website Cookies

Just like most other websites, we use cookies. The purpose of this is to ensure that our website functions as designed, and to guarantee that our visitors and customers have a satisfactory experience on our website.

We encourage everyone to grant us permission to use cookies when using our website. If this permission is not granted, we do not accept responsibility for any negative results.

Permitted Use of Our Products

While our consumers gain full ownership over the documents that they order from us, they do agree to specific limitations as they apply to using those products. Customers agree to use all documents for their personal or business use only. They agree that they won’t sell or otherwise distribute documents for resale or other use by any third parties.


Our revision policies are detailed in full on our revision policy page.

Money Back Guarantees

Please refer to our policy page on Moneyback Guarantees for more information.

Legal Use

It is the customer or visitors responsibility to use our website, products, and services in accordance with any laws that apply to them. If they fail to do so, we are not responsible for any resulting civil or criminal penalties. Further, it is the responsibility of the clients and visitors to determine what constitutes legal use as it applies to them.