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Why Literature Reviews are So Painful

Tedious, time-consuming, and painful. That’s how many grad students describe the literature reviews that they must produce for research projects, lab reports, case studies, theses, and dissertations. All of their resources must be primary, and there are so many dead ends. They read an abstract, think it’s perfect, get to the actual piece only to find that it is a false start. This is why they often look for literature review help from online writing services. To find a reputable literature review writing service, they often struggle, because there are thousands of such services – even reading custom writing reviews can leave them stymied. We’re here to take all of the guesswork out of your search.

Grad students are anxious to get on with their research. They have selected a research question, may have developed a hypothesis, and are ready to proceed with their research project. Before they can launch their project, however, three is this pesky requirement. They must find all of the specifically relevant research that has gone before them, review it, and develop a section or a chapter of their final project that summarizes all of that research.

The challenges of a dissertation or thesis literature review can cause frustration and even anger at times:

  • There is the initial search via keywords that results in reams of research on a given topic
  • There is the pouring through abstracts to select out those pieces of research that might be relevant
  • When abstracts look promising, there is the accessing of the entire research piece, only to discover that it really won’t “work.”
  • Once the right resources are located, there is then the task of pouring through them, taking notes, and preparing that section or chapter that synthesizes and summarizes them all. This takes lots of time.

Is there a Magic Fairy with a Wand?

Certainly, many students wish there were – someone who could just wave a wand and have that literature review completed. But real life is not a fairytale, so the next best option is to find a literature review writing service that has the topic area expertise to do a great job.

You will have to spend a lot of time investigating writing services. As already stated, there are thousands of them, and all claim to have the best writers in the business. They will promise that they have ENL Ph.D. researchers in all fields who can produce stellar literature review help. When you get into their websites, however, you find poorly written content that “smacks” of ESL owners and writers. You contact customer support and you can’t even understand the rep you are talking to. After several days of exploring and investigating, you are ready to give up.

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What our customers say:

Sandra USA, California, Los Angeles

Literature review, 12 hours, Junior

September 20, 2019

Ordered a literature review from this company and can say there no real disadvantages. They are fast, they provide high quality and fair are more than affordable.

Jennifer Canada, Montreal

Literature reviews, Freshman

September 05, 2018

They created a couple of literature reviews for me throughout the previous semester. All of them were comprehensive and well-written. Cheers!

Leonardo Fresno, CA, US

Good quality

April 13, 2017

Literature review, as a supplement to my English essay, was completed as an urgent order of 24 hours. Honestly, I have no reason to complain about but only to say thank you CLassyEssay for understa...

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Don’t Give Up

You have already landed on the site of the company that can give you the premier literature review services that you need. We can do this, because we actually have the PH.D. researchers that other services only promise.

When you decide to buy a literature review from Classy Essay, you will discover that we have no secrets – nothing to hide from our customers.

Here is our transparent process:

  1. You complete the order form. If you have questions before doing so, you just contact customer support. We are proud of our highly-trained reps who are able to answer any question a customer may have – and answer it in plain English
  2. You give us all of the details of your research project – describe it in detail, upload any materials you want, etc.
  3. We analyze your need. Then, we assign the Ph.D. researcher who has the academic credentials and the experience to product your review.
  4. That researcher and you communicate directly with one another – we insist upon it. Other services may not want you speaking with your writer because they are using amateurs. When you are able to talk with your consultant, you will understand that s/he is a true professional who can do the job for you.
  5. The great thing about our process is that you will receive progressive drafts of your literature review for review and approval. We leave nothing to chance.
  6. By the time your consultant has completed your review, you will have only to approve of the final draft. But, if you want any changes, they will be quickly done.

Additional Benefits

  1. Pricing: You will find that our pricing is very reasonable. Plus, we offer newcomer and returning customer discounts that will sweeten that price even more.
  2. Confidentiality: You probably don’t want others knowing that you are using a writing service for any part of your project. We get that. Your information is encrypted, and there has never been a breach of our system. We don’t share customer information with anyone.
  3. Payment: We have a secure payment system that uses a third-party SSL-certified processor. No customer’s financial information has ever been compromised.
  4. 24-Hour Support: We never close, and you can call or chat with us night and day.


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