Money Back Guarantee

While our ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction 100% of the time, there are situations where a customer might be  due a full or partial refund or credit.  The policies on this page outline our money back guarantees, and the expectations the customer must meet in order to qualify for a refund or credit.

Refunds And Credits

A refund is any monetary amount that is refunded back to the customer according to the payment instrument that they used. A credit is any amount of many noted in the customer’s records to be applied towards a future order.

We reserve the right to decide whether or not a customer will receive a refund or a credit. In most cases, customers will receive a credit towards a future order. However, this determination is made on a case by case basis. When placing an order, the customer confirms that they understand the final determination will be made by a staff or associate of Class The terms refund and credit may be used interchangeably in this document, but they refer to both refunds and credits unless otherwise specified.

Cancelled Orders

The most common reason for granting requests for refunds or credits is order cancellation. We allow our customers to cancel orders at any time and for any reason. However, the timing of the cancellation can impact whether or not the customer will receive a refund and the amount it will be.

If you cancel an order before it assigned to a writer, we will be able to offer you a full credit. If the writer has been assigned, we can only refund a partial credit that is prorated based on the amount of time that has passed and the deadline.

If you must cancel your order, do so quickly. Writers are assigned to projects almost immediately.

Failure to Assign a Writer

In the unlikely event that we are unable to find a suitable writer available for your assignment, we will refund your money should you choose not to wait.


First, we have never had any complaints or allegations that work completed by our writers has been anything but 100 percent original. However, for our protection and yours, we have created a full money back guarantee when it comes to originality.

If you believe we have provided you with work that is not original, please inform us immediately. We will need the copy of your assignment and proof that you have been accused of academic dishonesty. If the claim is that the paper is unoriginal, a credible plagiarism report is required (preferably “”).

Once we receive this information, we will conduct an investigation. If our findings agree that the work was not original, you will be issued a full cash refund. We will also terminate our relationship with any writers or editors involved.

Inability to Finish a Revision

If you are due a free revision, and we are unable to find a suitable writer, we will offer a partial refund or credit for your inconvenience.

Incomplete or Missing Work

If you receive an incomplete paper or are missing any items you have paid for, let us know. In most cases, this is just an oversight and we can get items to you right away. If there is a delay, we will determine an appropriate refund or credit.

Missed Deadlines

We work very hard to ensure that all orders are completed on or before the due date. If we are unable to deliver on this guarantee, we are happy to provide a refund. This will be calculated based upon the length of the delay, and the original size of your order.

Please note that you will not be entitled to a refund if the delay is caused in any part by your failure to make payment in a timely manner, you don’t provide us with accurate contact information, or you fail to respond to communications from your writer or our customer support team.

Duplicate Orders And Double Payments

We have systems in place to prevent duplicate orders and double charges. However, if you do submit an order twice, you are responsible for canceling it. These will be handled according to our order cancellation policies mentioned above. If you are double billed or overcharged contact customer service. They will help you get any money you are entitled to credited to your account.


If you disagree with our final decision regarding a request for a refund or credit, please submit it in writing. Customer service will escalate your request to upper management who will consider your request and provide you with an answer.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to customer service. Our agents will be able to clarify any part of this policy for you.

Changes to This Policy

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any point in time without advance warning. All customers are responsible for knowing and understanding this policy.