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Looking at How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Everyone has an opinion. We have opinions about which restaurants have the best foods, about which music or movies are better than others. We also have opinions on larger issues – abortion, climate change, health care, taxation, college costs, etc. And we do try to persuade others to believe as we do, no matter how weak our arguments may be.

When we are asked to write a persuasive essay, however, things change. We have a right to our opinion, but now it must be backed by data and other factual information. The research takes time, of course, as does the effort to correctly structure the essay. For this reason, you may choose, as so many have, to buy a persuasive essay online – and Classy Essay is just the place.

The process for writing a persuasive essay is much like that of other essays you may be assigned. But it is unique in that your purpose is to convince the reader that your position on an issue is the correct one. Here is the process.

Choose a Topic

For a persuasive essay, you must choose a topic that is controversial, meaning that people are not in agreement on it. The second factor in choosing a topic is it must be one about which you have a strong opinion. Choosing a topic in which you have little interest will not a good essay make – your heart just won’t be in it.

  • Do you have strong feelings about the death penalty?
  • Perhaps you have an affinity for animals and believe that animal rights are an issue that everyone should be concerned about
  • How about global warming? Do you believe it is man-made and that we must get off of fossil fuels now?
  • Maybe you believe that racism is still alive and well and want to convince others that it still must be fought
  • Much has been written about the negative impact of social media – what’s your opinion?

These are just few possible topics. Even if you decide to buy a persuasive essay, choose a relevant topic – you will have some great arguments for future discussions.

The Research

Before you can have a scholarly opinion, you have to have the facts to back it up. Unless you have data and facts, your feelings are meaningless. As you conduct your research, prioritize the information – the strongest argument down to the least strong. Those weak arguments, you will want to trash.

Many students are busy – we get that. Researching and organizing that research into solid sub-topics takes time.

If you are pressed for time, or have difficulty organizing the research logically, it might be a good idea to find a professional persuasive essay writer to get the job done. Classy Essay has writers in every content area with lots of experience writing persuasive essays.

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Essay, 24 hours, Sophomore

August 11, 2019

What you can find on the website is all true! Friendly support, custom writing, quick responses and readiness to go beyond to meet their customer`s expectations. I got a well-written essay. Cheers!

Alicia USA, North Carolina, Greensboro

Essay, 3 days, Master

September 16, 2018

Classy Essay`s writer Joe made an absolutely perfect persuasive essay for me. I hated that topic on the death penalty and glad I found this company that provided me with some quality writing.

Peiper Bangor, ME, US

Good quality with a ... nice price

April 02, 2017

A comprehensive and creative essay about technology that is up-to-date and illuminates the new impact of some old gadgets? That`s what the writer here wrote for me! Awesome, isn`t it? Nevertheless,...

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Preparing to Write

Once you have your research completed and organized, you should have 3-4 arguments, backed by fact, that will each merit a paragraph of your essay. An outline is the easiest method for getting organized to write, with the standard essay divisions – Introduction, body (your 3-4 arguments in paragraphs), and conclusion.

Writing the Essay

Before you sit down to write the rough draft, one thing you might want to do is search for some persuasive essay examples on your topic. You can find them easily all over the web. These can give you ideas, both about the presentation of the arguments, as well as how the topic is introduced, what a good thesis statement looks like, and how such an essay is concluded. Be very careful, though. If you find an amazing persuasive essay sample, do not be tempted to use it. It’s too easy to discover plagiarism. You would do far better to buy persuasive essay writing from a writing service that will produce a completely original piece for you.

From Rough Draft to Final Draft

You already know you have to review and edit your first essay draft. You are looking for good structural organization, transitions, sentence structure, and grammar/mechanics. By all means, you do not want to submit an essay that has great thoughts but irritates the reader because it has errors. There is an expectation that anything you turn in will be properly written.

Another option you have is to buy persuasive essay online editing and get the polish that you want. That polish can make big difference in a grade/score.

Where To Buy Persuasive Essay Writing

We believe that Classy Essay has the best solution for persuasive essays or any other type of academic writing students may need. When you order essay writing from us, here is what you will always get:

  • You complete an order form that should include every detail of the assignment. Your instructions are tantamount
  • We will assign a professional writer who has expertise in the topic area, both by credentials and experience, and who will work directly with you on the piece
  • You are given several guarantees – plagiarism-free writing, appropriate research, confidentiality, and, most important, your complete satisfaction.
  • You will buy essay and paper writing at a reasonable price – a price that you are given up front and that will not change – no hidden fees as are often found with other services.

We have a single mission – produce the most exceptional, customized products on the market for every single customer. We understand that customer satisfaction means success for us and for that customer too. So, whether you need an essay on adoption, a research project on recycling, a case study, review, lab report, thesis or dissertation, get in touch today – we have what you are looking for.


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