Revision Policy

Ultimately, we feel that the best customer service is delivered when the customer is satisfied with their documents the first time they receive them. We are proud to say that we meet this goal nearly 100 percent of the time. However, there are times when this doesn’t happen.

In those cases, we are happy to provide revisions, as needed. Depending on the exact circumstances some revisions are offered for free. In other cases, customers will be asked to pay a fee. The paragraphs below will explain our revision policy in detail.

Free Revisions

If we fail, in any way, to fulfill our obligation to you, in accordance with the order you placed and subsequent communications, we will complete any revisions needed free of charge. Here are the following scenarios where you will be entitled to a free revision.

  • The writer failed to follow your instructions.
  • There are significant errors in spelling, grammar, formatting, or mechanics.
  • There are factual errors
  • The page or word count is inadequate.
  • The writer failed to use resources you provided.
  • There are missing deliverables.
  • The wrong citation format was used.
  • Citations are missing.

Please keep in mind that there are some restrictions. Free revisions are only available for seven days after your documents are made available to you. We recommend ordering revisions as soon as possible. This ensures that information is fresh in your writer’s mind and that your writer is still available. Free revisions are also only available in situations where the reason for the revision request is based entirely on an error or omission on the part of your writer or other employee or agent.

Paid Revisions

We are happy to honor revision requests for any reason. However, if your request for a revision is made after the seven-day deadline, you will be charged a fee for that revision. In addition to this, clients occasionally realize, upon reviewing their final product, that they forgot to order a product, e.g., a bibliography. In other cases, the client may realize that they’re instructions were not complete or clear enough.

When these things happen, we are always happy to do everything that we can to make any revisions or add any new deliverables to the project. However, we must charge in these cases.

Because we want you to be satisfied with your experience with Classy Essay, we will make every effort to complete paid revisions quickly. We will also quote a price that is fair, reasonable, and based on the amount of work that the revision request entails.

How to Request a Revision

The best way to request a revision is to click the button that is available to you when you review your completed documents. Here’s how it works. When your paper has been written and has passed our quality assurance tests, you will receive a message that your documents are ready to review. All you have to do at this point is log into the portal and review your papers. If you are satisfied, simply download them.

If you want to request a revision, simply click the other button to ask for a revision. You’ll be asked to provide details as to why you are requesting the revision, and whether or not you believe your request qualifies as a free revision.

If your revision is free, we will simply start work on your paper. However, your writer may contact you with questions. If we determine your revision will be fee-based, we will contact you with a quote before any work starts.

If you download your document, then realize you need something changed, please contact customer service. They will let you know how to proceed.

Changing Writers

We strongly recommend keeping the same writer for your revision. However, we do realize that not every client and writer are a good match. Because of this, we will do whatever we can to honor requests for new writers. Just be aware that there could be a delay if we have difficulty finding a writer who is available and qualified to work on your assignment.

Modifying Our Revision Policy

As with our other policies, we reserve the right to modify this policy, as we see fit, and without any prior notices. We will make a reasonable effort to inform people, via this website, that changes have been made. However, people are bound to these policies whether they are familiar with them or not.


We will accept no more than three requests for revisions.  After that, clients will be required to submit a new order. In addition to this, if we determine that a revision request is too complex or involved and is a fee-based revision, the customer will also be required to place a new order.

Questions And Concerns

Please contact customer service with any questions or concerns about our revision policy.