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Thesis Statement Writing

That thesis statement. It crops up whether you are writing an essay, a research paper, a book review, a case study, a lab report, a thesis, a dissertation, or most any piece of writing you will produce in school. And when you read other pieces of writing, exception for fictional literature, you expect to have a pretty good idea up front of what the piece is about. Thesis statements can be difficult to formulate because you have to condense your entire thought and purpose into a single sentence or two. If you need help in writing a thesis statement, simply say, “Write my thesis statement” to Classy Essay. We’ll see that it is done right.

The Elements of a Thesis Statement

Above all, your thesis statement must answer these questions:

  • What question is my essay or paper exploring?
  • What main point am I making about this topic?

Obviously, the thesis statement becomes more complex as the writing piece does. A thesis statement for a research paper, for example, will be more complex than that for a basic essay.

How to Craft a Thesis Statement

  1. Start with a Topic

Whether the topic has been assigned or you have the luxury of choosing your own, simply state the topic in one or two words. Suppose, for example, that you have selected the topic of obesity. Write down that topic – obesity in America. This is not a thesis statement, obviously.

  1. Determine a Question

Obesity is a complex topic. Your job now is to narrow it down to a question you would like to answer about obesity. What are the causes of obesity? What are the solutions to the obesity problem in the U.S.? What role should the government play, if any in obesity? Once you have determined the question you want to answer, you are on your way to writing a thesis statement. Just a bit more work.

  1. The Research

Once you have your question, you cannot answer it, and thus craft a thesis statement, until you have conducted the research. Suppose, for example, you have decided to look into possible solutions to obesity. Your research will focus on that, and you will probably generate several steps that can be taken by people, schools, healthcare providers, etc. to attack the issue. Once you have those, you are ready to formulate your thesis.

  1. Introduce Your Thesis Statement in Your Introduction.

Essay and research paper thesis statements belong in the introduction of the piece. The purpose of the introduction, in fact, is to introduce your reader to the topic and, as well, to present your thesis – the main point, the question you are answering. Your introduction and thesis statement on solutions for obesity may be something like this.

  • Begin your introduction with some shocking statistic(s) about obesity in America. That will grab the reader’s attention.
  • Encapsulate your points into one main idea statement: “Solutions to obesity must involve all segments of society – families, schools, community organizations, healthcare providers, and government. Everyone has a role to play.”


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June 20, 2019

I had too much work and absolutely no time for thesis writing so Classy Essay did it for me. I`m quite satisfied with the quality and price.

Robert Dishon Canada, Montreal

Thesis statement, 3 days, Master

September 14, 2018

Their expert suggested a few options on how to create a solid thesis statement and found a few references which were quite helpful when I did the writing. Recommend to those who have a writer`s block.

Bernard Wausau, WI, US

Business approach with thesis writing

April 15, 2017

I failed writing my dissertation in two months thus I decided to order it online. Fast reply was given to me and every aspect of -partnership was discussed before my very first payment. Moreover, I...

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The Dissertation Thesis Statement

For both theses and dissertations, the process is not that different, but the structure will be. In both cases, a general topic area is chosen and then narrowed to a research question. In the case of a thesis, the statement will usually be in the form of a hypothesis – an assumption that will either be proved or disproved. In the case of a dissertation, the thesis is posed as an actual research question that will be answered by the research.

Getting Help When You Need It

Whether you are struggling with a thesis statement for an essay, a paper, or the more complex hypothesis or research question of graduate level works, you can buy that help from the academic writers at Classy Essay. In fact, we have degreed scholars in all curricular areas who can provide any type of academic writing assistance you may need.

We are a comprehensive writing service that serves students from high school on up. Every customer, no matter how simple or complex the need, will always receive original, custom, and top quality research and writing, along with many other benefits:

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